Liam Stevens is an artist and designer based in London.

Drawing inspiration from both the expressive forms of the natural world and the assembly of hard shapes found in the city where he lives, Liam creates work over a range of disciplines. 

With expression valued over perfection, fluctuation and vitality in mark-making play a significant role in his work. Drawings and papercuts usually constructed from simplified marks and shapes are the result of playfully editing and rearranging to form their final graphic compositions. 

Liam has exhibited work worldwide including Brazil, Japan, Mexico, France and London. His work has also featured in a range of publications including ‘Walk The Line: The Art of Drawing’ (Lawrence King, 2013) and ‘Papercraft 2’ (Gestalten, 2011). Liam currently has work held in the permanent collection of The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan.